n64Dev - Compile libdragon for Windows

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This can be the biggest pain in the ass but I recently was able to figure out how to make it painless!

  1. Download Cygwin. I got the 32 bit version just to be safe.
  2. While installing Cygwin, make sure to install all of these packages:
  3. Run Cygwin in Admin mode and navigate to /usr/local/
  4. Clone the latest libdragon 'git clone https://github.com/DragonMinded/libdragon.git'
  5. Now move into the libdragon directory 'cd libdragon'
  6. Create a temp folder 'mkdir temp'. This will house all of the resources for compiling gcc.
  7. Next copy the build script into the temp directory 'cp tools/build temp/'
  8. Now type './build'. This may take a while...
  9. Next add this line to your .bash_profile file 'export N64_INST=/usr/mips64-elf'
  10. Run 'cd ..' to navigate back to the main folder and then run 'make'
  11. Now run 'make install'
  12. You now have a working n64 toolchain! :)
  13. Any questions just hit me up on twitter.